1. The promoter
Nedbank Limited, reg no 1951/000009/06 (we, us, our) runs this promotion and we reserve the right to make it available to All Nedbank Avo App Customers.

2. Promotion period

The promotion begins 21 February 2022 ending 24 April 2022 (promotion period for up to 50 percent off while stocks last thereafter 30% promo will apply).

3. Who can participate in the promotion?

A participant (you, your) must:
- be 18 years or older.
- have a valid South African identity document. have a Nedbank Avo App profile

 - Our employees, including temporary and contract employees, associated companies, agents, contractors, and sponsors may not participate.

4. The offer

If you participate in the promotion, you stand a chance to get the following:

- Up to 50% off all R50 and R100 vouchers. (Voucher values not fulfilled in full at the store will not qualify for monetary compensation or a voucher for unused amounts).
- The 50% discount is limited to the first 10000 vouchers, thereafter 30% discount will apply for the remainder of the promotion period.

- There will be a maximum of 5 vouchers per customer per month (30 days) per retailer.

- Earn Avo points (1%) on voucher purchases (wallet purchases only)

5. How to qualify for the offer

To qualify for the offer, you must:
Purchase from the voucher store during the promotion period.

6. How the offer is given out

If you qualify for the offer, the following applies:
- The voucher expires must be redeemed at the retail store within 7 days.
- You will receive the offer only after we have verified and confirmed your details, including your compliance with the rules of the promotion.
- The voucher will be delivered to you via email and you must load it on your Nedbank Avo profile.
- Voucher values not fulfilled in full at the retail store or unused amounts will not qualify for monetary compensation.
- We will not be responsible for any technical failures affecting your participation in the promotion or if your entry that has been left out from participation.
- If a dispute arises, our decision will be final and binding on all aspects of the promotion, and we will not discuss the matter further.
- All costs or expenses relating to the offer that have not been mentioned here are excluded.
- We will not be responsible for any delays in your taking up the offer.
- We will not be responsible for any additional conditions that third parties impose.

- We will give the offer directly to you and not to anyone else, and we will not replace it with cash.

- We will not be liable for delays or failure to deliver any part of the reward resulting from acts beyond our reasonable control. We will let you know you as soon as reasonably possible if the offer is affected in this manner.

- We reserve the right to replace the offer at any time with another of similar commercial value.

7. General

- All information about this promotion, including information that is published on any promotion material, is part of these terms and conditions. By participating in the promotion, you agree to be bound by these terms andconditions.

- These terms and conditions are available on our website Nedbank Avo App throughout the promotion period.

We may ask you to consent in writing to endorsing, promoting, and advertising any of our services at no fee. You may decline this request, but we will still give you the offer.

- By entering and participating in this promotion, you acknowledge that your personal information needed for this the promotion will be shared with us and our agents but only to the extent necessary for this promotion. Your personal information will be used only in line with South African consumer and data protection laws.

- We may extend, shorten, or cancel the promotion immediately and without notifying you were permitted by law, if we must do so by law, or for reasons beyond our control. If this happens, you will give up any rights that you may have in terms of this promotion and you will have no recourse against us, our agents, contractors, and sponsors because of the extension, shortening or cancellation.

- We and our directors, employees, agents, and suppliers will not be responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage resulting from your participation in the promotion, or for any accident, injury, harm, costs, or death that you or any other person who participates in the offer sustains at any point during the fulfilment of the offer.

8 More information
For more information about the promotion go to the Nedbank Avo App or send an email to hello@avo.africa.